Giften Dobluth

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Born from a battlefield union (rape) of a drow warrior and a Viking shieldmaiden. Since his birth the humans hated him for his dark skin and white hair claiming he was an abomination because of how quickly he grew up. Once he was a teen he set out into the underdark alone searching for his father. What he found was a cruel world of murder and politics. There he fell in love with the beauty and mystery of magic and hisbinate curiosity led him to want to learn everything about it. Having to fight for any respect he failed out of the sword academy where every drow make was expected to excel.
His heartbreak was complete when he was told that he was not allowed to enter the magic college as magic was reserved for the more powerful women of the matriarchal society.

Seeing that he did not belong with either of his parents’ peoples, he set out on his own to forge his own path to learn all the secrets of the arcane and reach a level never seen before

Giften Dobluth

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