A typical half elf with green, piercing eyes and long, straight brown hair. Hes quiet but speaks highly of wisdom and the "natural order."




Many moons ago, in a secluded wood was born an unlikely child. His father was born of the industrial world but had a love for the wilderness. In his travels outside the city he would frequent a local mountain. In the valley of this mountain he met a curious elvish woman. Together they created the half elf known as Skie. He we tought at an early age by both parents the importance of harmony and how, without it, the world as we knew it would decend into a chaos inhospitable to any life. The absence of his father forced Skie to live in the wood with his mother. One day, a gang of beings who smelled of the industrial world invaded Skie’s home forest. Without any warning, they began tearing down the trees and digging up the earth. Confused, and frustrated with the actions of the ignorant beings, Skie attempted to thwart their destructive rampage with the destruction of their tools. This, however, led to an aggressive battle which only grew more severe when one of the beings set fire to the forest. At the sign of smoke, the Druids of the wood sprung into action putting out the flame and running the foreign beings off. Though, for his hasty actions, Skie was sentenced to banishment from his home until he could wisen up to the ways of the world, thus he would be worthy to protect it. For him, this meant seeking the power to protect his home and the wisdom to bring balance between the industrial jungles and the wilderness.


The Legend of the Hakaisou skie_shauphen15