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Male, Fire Genasi

STR 15 (mod +2)
DEX 12 (mod +1)
CON 12 10 + 2 racial (mod +1)
INT 16 15 + 1 racial (mod +3)
WIS 11 (mod 0)
CHA 8 (mod -1)

Fire Genasi
Genasi are humans who have elemental blood, granting them powers and traits beyond those of their human ancestors. There are four types genasi, each corresponding to a type of elemental. The origins of the genasi are unclear, perhaps they are the offspring of efreets and other djinn, or maybe they are the result of a ancient experiment by a mad archmage. This last theory is supported by the only common trait of the four types of genasi, they each have glowing runes and symbols tattooed upon them from birth. These symbols are the sign of a genasi’s birthright and seem to have a link to the element the genasi is bound to, as each of the four types have different runes.

Fire genasi are rash, impatient, hot-tempered and passionate, arguing a point long past when a any reasonable person would stop and throwing themselves at risks without stopping to think, above all fire genasi are fueled by a kind of manic energy that makes them seem capable of anything, when a fire genasi devotes himself to a task he will never stop until it’s done.
Fire genasi enjoy art and music, often going for days without eating or sleeping while they work on a painting or song. Like air genasi they like the fast pace of city life and quickly grow bored with the country. Their lives are often completely consumed by their current obsession, they spend their days completing one project and starting the next, rarely stopping except to recover from the lack of sleep and food. Many fire genasi pursue careers as adventurers, enjoying the thrills and challenges that such a lifestyle presents, those that do find their talents well-suited for such a life, particularly their innate sorcerous talent.

Physical Description
Fire genasi are the most noticeable of the genasi, having orange-red skin and and eyes makes them stand out in a crowd and sparks jump when they snap their finger or clap their hands. They are averagely built for a human but tend to be frail as when they are focused upon a piece of art or some other project they rarely eat or sleep.

Fire genasi get along with almost all races fairly well, although few can truthfully claim to have any idea what goes on in the head of a fire genasi, of all the races fire genasi get along with elves and humans the best, as they have a spark of inner fire within them, and dwarves the least as they interpret the fire genasi’s unrelenting focus as unnatural.

Fire genasi are always chaotic, fire genasi simply cannot be lawful or neutral due to their rash and impulsive personalities, and they tend towards the extreme alignments as their inner fire leaves little room for indecision.

Fire genasi like hot lands, particularly deserts the best and almost always live in cities, they despise lands where it rains often and avoid forests for the obvious reasons.

Fire genasi worship gods of art, inspiration and music, although they generally don’t pay to much attention to them except when they’re waiting for inspiration to strike.

Fire genasi learn the languages of the people around them but do not study language for scholarly purposes, preferring to devote their time to their art.

Fire genasi have human names as they are born to human parents but their names have a tendency to be short and easy to say.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma: Fire genasi have bright minds, but are impatient and quick to anger.
  • “Type::Humanoid” “Subtype::Human”: Fire genasi have the flesh of a human but blood of fire. They do not gain fire immunity due to their fire subtype.
  • “Size::Medium”: As medium creatures fire genasi have no particular advantages or disadvantages due to size.
  • Fire genasi base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Blood of Fire (Su): Fire genasi are treated as thought they have the “Fire” subtype for the purposes of spells and feats.
  • Fire’s Focus (Su): Fire genasi have remarkable focus, once per encounter a fire genasi can focus completely on an enemy as a free action, gaining either a bonus on attacks and damage equal to half his level on his next attack against that enemy or a +2 to the DCs of the next ability he uses during the encounter.
  • Frost Vulnerability (Su) Fire genasi have vulnerability to frost.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Ignan. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Undercommon, Draconic, Gnomish.
  • Favored Class: Fighter.
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

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